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Locket Personal Alarm + LED Flashlight Combo Self Defense Keychain

Locket Personal Alarm + LED Flashlight Combo Self Defense Keychain

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Deter potential aggressors by sounding the personal safety alarm or flashing the LED light with this Locket Personal Alarm + LED Keychain.

The safety alarm emits a resounding 130-decibel alert to keep you safe by deterring criminals from attacking you, discouraging predators from continuing to attack you, and attracting attention from bystanders to help you.

The LED light can temporarily blind an aggressor, illuminate a dimly lit street, or summon help from bystanders with its powerful bright spotlight.

Arm yourself with this versatile multi-functional mini safety keychain for two methods of self defense and greater peace of mind.


  • Made of Strong ABS Plastic
  • Stylish Modern Design
  • Perfect for Students, Women, and Young Adults
  • Minimal and Compact


  • Locket Personal Alarm + LED Flashlight Width: 3.8 cm
  • Locket Personal Alarm + LED Flashlight Height: 7.1 cm
  • Locket Personal Alarm + LED Flashlight Depth: 1.5 cm
  • Locket Personal Alarm + LED Flashlight Weight: 27.5 grams

How To Use

If you sense trouble, simply pull the emergency cord on the top of the alarm and the loud safety alert will sound or press the light to activate the pulsating torch. To turn off loud safety alert, simply push the emergency cord back into the top of the alarm. To turn off flashlight, press the light to toggle options until off.

Care Guide

All self defense keychains are both aesthetic accessories and functional tools. They should be routinely cleaned using a cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Never submerge keychains into water or any liquids, and always dry after cleaning.

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Our Mission

SDK Store is committed to arming and protecting women and men with practical, convenient, and affordable self defense keychains.

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