Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize a keychain?

Yes! We offer customized keychains for orders of five (5) or more. Please email us at our support email to request a bulk order of customized keychains!

How do you offer free shipping and low prices?

We are a factory-direct store, and sell and ship our products direct from our factory. Selling direct from our factory allows us to keep product and shipping prices low, and pass along these savings to our customers.

How do you offer so many designs and colors?

We are a factory-direct store. Our online product catalogue consists of every item that our factory produces, so we are able to offer the largest selection of self defense keychain colors and designs on the internet today.

Can I request a certain color or design?

Yes! Our team is always developing and introducing new colors and designs, and would love your feedback!

Can I return my order if I don't like it?

Yes! We offer free thirty (30) day returns on all orders from the date your order was received. There are no return or restocking fees. The customer is responsible for costs associated with mailing their return order back to us.