U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Police Department

US Department of Veterans Affairs Logo For SDK Store Partnership

SDK Store has partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Police Department to provide products for training female veterans in personal defense. SDK Store supplies the VA Department with cat keychains, kubatons, multi-functional tools, paracord balls, whistles, and personal alarms.



Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office

Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office Logo For SDK Store Partnership

SDK Store is the self-defense product vendor for the Elkhart County Sheriff's Office in Indiana supplying their organization with Kubatons.

SDK Store proudly supports law enforcement departments and front line organizations across the country with exclusive products and special discounts.



Washington County Health Department

Washington County Health Department Logo

SDK Store is a personal safety product supplier for the Washington County Health Department supplying their agency with an assortment of Kubotan self defense sticks and Cat Ear self defense knuckle keychains.



Salve Regina University "Salve SAVES" Organization

SDK Store has partnered with the Salve SAVES (Sexual Assault Violence Education and Support) student-run organization at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island. SDK Store provides safety tools to Salve SAVES for educational opportunities, to spread awareness, and to actively combat the prevalence of sexual assault and domestic violence at the university.



Zero Tolerance For Domestic Abuse (ØT4DA)

Zero Tolerance For Domestic Abuse (ØT4DA) Logo For SDK Store Partnership

SDK Store has partnered with Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abuse (ØT4DA) to provide discounts, products, and resources to the members of their organization and participants of their events.

SDK Store and Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abuse (ØT4DA) will work together to help empower victims of domestic abuse, stalking, and sexual assault.





General Partnerships

SDK Store partners with organizations, brands, and individuals who align with our social mission of female empowerment and protection by providing products, donations, resources, and support.

Sponsorships And Donations

SDK Store sponsors and provides donations or raffle prizes to charity events that align with our social mission. If you're interested in partnering with SDK Store for your event, email us at