By carrying our self-defense keychains in your ecommerce store or brick-and-mortar, you become our partner. We're here to team up and ensure you are successful. SDK Store offers many benefits of wholesaling with us including our product selection, social mission, and low minimum order quantities!

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SDK Store has grown to become the preeminent leader for women who need practical affordable self defense keychains. We promise to always offer effective, functional, and fashionable products that meet our highest quality standards.

Social Mission

SDK Store has empowered, armed, and protected thousands of people in 12 countries across the world. Join us as we empower, arm, and protect thousands more, and continue to spearhead the right to personal safety.

Low Minimum Orders

We provide our retailers with low minimum order quantities that fit their store size and monthly volume.

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We currently offer our all of our products for wholesale, and many more not listed on our website. Inquire to learn more or request other products.

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