How to Hold a Kubaton | Using Kubatons for Self Defense

Two hands holding lime green and yellow kubaton in icepick and forward grip

A Kubaton is a handheld self-defense stick that was created by a man named Takayuki Kubota in Japan in the 1960's.

Kubota invented the trademarked "Kubotan" as a compact and versatile tool that was practical and effective for everyday self defense.

Today the Kubaton has evolved to comprise different sizes, shapes, functionalities, and colors, but its intention is still the same: to provide protection and peace of mind.

The most important aspect of owning a Kubaton for self defense is knowing how to hold and use it. In this article, we will discuss how a person of any size, strength or age can hold and use a Kubaton effectively.

How to Hold a Kubaton

There are two main ways to hold a Kubaton to defend yourself.

These two grips are the most powerful and effective ways to hold and use the Kubaton.

Grip #1: Icepick Grip

Kubaton Icepick Grip Black Main

The icepick grip is the most common way to hold a Kubaton.

The image of a person holding a Kubaton in an icepick grip should conjure up memories of scary movies where a killer is chasing a victim with a knife in their hand above their head in the icepick grip.

The icepick grip is a very powerful method of holding and using a Kubaton for personal defense because:

  1. Gravity. The Kubaton beginning above your head, or in a high position, and striking downward, allows gravity to add extra force to the defensive strike.
  2. Range. The icepick grip allows for a large range of motion and wide coverage area.
  3. Stability and Control. Putting your thumb at the end of the Kubaton secures it in your fist and can withstand the force of impact. Additionally, wearing the keyring around your thumb will give it extra stability.
  4. Ease. The icepick grip and associated defensive moves are relatively easy to perform for someone of any strength and size.
  5. Target. The icepick grip and associated defensive moves naturally target areas high on the predator's body like their face, which are the best areas to aim for in a self defense situation.

Learn How To Do An Icepick Kubaton Grip

The way to hold a Kubaton in an icepick grip is pretty straightforward.

1. Most Kubatons come with a keyring at the bottom blunt end. Start by putting the thumb of your dominant hand through the keyring and placing the pad of your thumb on the blunt end.

How to Hold Icepick Grip Kubaton 1

2. Then line up the rest of your fingers along the Kubaton's finger grooves, starting with the index/pointer finger so they are all hugging each other and close together.

Kubaton Icepick Grip Light Blue 2

3. Wrap your thumb, fingers, and fist tightly around the Kubaton. Keeping your fist and fingers all the way at the back end of the Kubaton will allow a large portion of the sharp end to be available for defensive striking.

Your icepick Kubaton grip should look like this:

Kubaton Icepick Grip White 3

Grip #2: Forward Grip

The forward grip is the second most common way to hold a Kubaton and an effective way to use the defense stick to fight off a predator.

The forward grip is similar to how two people fencing or using swords would hold their weapon - fist facing upwards with the weapon facing forward and towards their opponent or attacker.

Forward Grip Kubaton Purple

Holding a Kubaton using a forward grip has many advantages for personal protection such as:

  1. Distance. You're able to use the Kubaton and your reach to keep the attacker away from you and at a distance. Your Kubaton acts as a barrier between you and the attacker.
  2. Quick Striking. Holding a Kubaton in the forward grip allows you to make quick and short jabs at the attacker. This is important since you may miss on the first strike. The forward grip allows you to reload your weapon quickly and strike again. The icepick grip on the other hand requires such a large range of motion that reloading will take longer.
  3. Precision. The forward grip allows the user to strike more precisely since the Kubaton is in front of the user's body and always in their line of sight. The icepick grip on the other hand is out of your line of sight and to the side or above your head.
  4. Less Threatening. Occasionally you may be unsure of the threat level of a stranger and holding your Kubaton in a forward grip will allow you to discreetly be ready to defend yourself, while not being overly threatening.
  5. Ease. The forward grip is an easy grip and move to learn and use in a real life situation.

Learn How To Do A Forward Kubaton Grip

Holding a Kubaton in a forward grip is pretty innate and easy to do.

1. As we stated above, most Kubatons come with a keyring at the blunt end of the defensive stick. Start by inserting your pinky into the keyring to give the grip extra stability.

Kubaton Forward Grip Blue 1

2. Next, line up your ring and middle fingers next to your pinky hugging each other to provide support at the base of the grip and Kubaton.

Kubaton Forward Grip Magenta 2

3. Lastly, your index/pointer finger and thumb be positioned a little bit higher on the Kubaton closer to the tip to add more precision and control. The full forward grip on a Kubaton should look like this:

Kubaton Forward Grip Magenta 3

How to Hold a Kubaton Finale

If you've purchased a Kubaton, you are taking the first steps to keep yourself safe in this unpredictable world. If you have yet to purchase a Kubaton, check out our collection of Kubatons which boasts the largest selection of colors and functionalities on the internet today. Click here to shop our Kubaton selection.

Luckily, holding a Kubaton is intuitive and the way you would hold many everyday objects like spatulas, screwdrivers, and tools.

Please save these instructions and go back to them when you are practicing holding and using your Kubaton so that you are fully prepared for a dangerous situation.

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