Collection: Self Defense Kits

About Self Defense Kits

A self defense kit is a small bundle of handheld weapons, survival tools, and self-defense products put together and sold as a package, often at a discounted price than if you purchased each piece separately.

Why Do You Sell Defence Kits?

At SDK Store, we create defence kits based on what our customers, are buying. If we notice that our customers are often buying the same two products together, we may bundle those two products together to make it easier to buy, and provide a small discount to incentivize other customers to buy the kit. We know that customers who normally buy product x, will also like product y, and we bundle them together to provide recommendations to future customers.

Self-Defense Kit Types

There are many different types of self-defense kits on the market that contain a collection of self-defense tools for specific purposes. Here are some examples of self-defense kit types:

1. Cat Ears Keychain Self-Defense Kit

The Cat Ears kit includes a cute arsenal of striking Cat Ears Keychains including Kitty Cat Ears, Animal Ears, and the original Cat Ear Defense Keychains. Perfect for people who want handheld weapons that are less likely to be knocked out of your hands and animal lovers.

2. Handheld Weapons Self-Defense Kit

The Handheld Weapons kit contains various handheld defensive weapons that can be used to physically fight off an attacker such as Kubatons, Cat Ear Defense Keychains, and Key Knives. Each handheld weapon offers different utility from undetectable defense to stylish protection. Select from different Cat Ears and Kubatons to match your fit.

3. Kubaton Weapons Self-Defense Kit

The Kubaton Weapons kit contains an assortment of Kubaton handheld weapons including Pastel Kubatons, Polished Kubatons, and Kubatons with Side Spikes. Choose from chic color palettes like gold, white and black to complement your style.

4. Safety Tools Self-Defense Kit

The Safety Tools kit is comprised of assorted safety tools such as Whistles, Knives, Flashlights, and Touchless Tools. This versatile kit can be used for self-defense, outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and camping, and general emergencies and survival. Store this kit in your car or excursion bag and you will always be prepared with a set of functional tools.

5. Lean Protection Self-Defense Kit

The Lean Protection kit is our most efficient self defense collection for practical everyday defense. It's equipped with a personal alarm, pepper spray, a key knife, cat ears, and a stylish pompom. This set is the bare necessity for protection accounting for situations ranging from non-contact and non lethal, to close-combat and full-contact.

6. Full Protection Self-Defense Kit

The Full Protection kit contains a loaded arsenal of protective products that provide a comprehensive approach to self-defense. The collection includes Pepper Spray, Key Knives, Personal Alarms, Cat Ears, Touchless Tools, Kubatons, a safety capsule for storing valuables, and a pompom for a splash of glamour. This kit provides you with a full line of protection products to help you survive a dangerous situation.

7. Concealed Weapons Self-Defense Kit

The Concealed Weapons Self-Defense kit provides a hidden layer of protection for people who want to be unassuming. The discreet kit contains a kubaton with hidden knife that looks like a metal rod, a key knife that looks like a normal house key, and a heart key knife that looks like a stylish heart keychain. The concealed weapons kit is ideal for people who want to stay protected without alarming others or having their weapons confiscated.

8. Dual Protection 2-Piece Kit

Our newest Dual Protection 2-Piece Kit comprises our two most popular and best selling products - the kubaton and cat keychain. Kubatons and cat keychains are the two highest selling products at our store, and we uncoincidentally also stock the most designs, styles, and uses of these two products. Many customers also buy these two products together, so we decided to make it easier by selling a 2-piece kit, and to give a small discount on the purchase of them together. Two is normally better than one, and with each of their respective defensive capabilities, the dual-protection kit will have you protected in many different ways.

Self Defense Kit Advantages

One of the major advantages of purchasing a self defense kit, is getting exactly what you want without the extra accessories.

For example if you purchase one of our 10-piece safety keychain sets, there might be some items in the bundle that you do not want or need. Perhaps you like 8 of the functional keychain tools but the lipstick holder and pompom are not your style.

That's where self defense kits come in handy. You can purchase a smaller set of exactly what you are looking without the extra "fluff" and filler products if you don't need them.

Here are some other advantages of self defense kits:

  1. Preparedness: Having a self-defense kit means being prepared for unexpected situations where personal safety may be at risk. It provides individuals with specific tools and resources to respond effectively in self-defense scenarios.
  2. Increased Confidence: Carrying a self-defense kit can boost an individual's confidence, knowing that they have tools readily available to protect themselves if needed. This increased confidence can positively impact personal security and overall well-being.
  3. Bolstering Self Defense Collections: Self defense kits are normally small sets containing 2-4 specific pieces, so they are excellent if you only need a few products to enhance or complete your pre-existing self defense set.
  4. Portability: Self-defense kits are typically designed to be small, compact and easily carried, allowing individuals to have their personal protection tools readily accessible whenever and wherever they may need them.
  5. Personalized Selection: Self-defense kits can be tailored to individual needs and preferences. Depending on personal circumstances, individuals can choose specific tools or devices that align with their comfort level, physical abilities, and personal security concerns.
  6. Cost-effective: Investing in a self-defense kit can be a cost-effective approach compared to other forms of personal security. Purchasing a kit that includes multiple tools is often more economical than buying each item separately.

Future of Self-Defense Kits

We plan to create and release many more different types of self-defense kits based primarily on our customer's buying patterns. If we see multiple customers purchase the same assortment of products, we may bundle those together and create a new kit to make the buying process easier and more affordable.

You may also contact us at any time to customize a bundle and we will do our best to accommodate your request!