Best Cat Ear Self Defense Keychains | Animal Ear Safety Keychain Comparison

Cat ear keychains are some of the most well-known self defense keychains out there. They are famous for their cute look and perfect for animal lovers. However many people don't realize the potential that these adorable looking animal products have when it comes to personal safety.

Cat ear keychains are equipped with two very sharp pointy ears that are the "weapons" on this safety keychain. You simply hold the cat ear keychain through its eyes with the ears pointing outward away from your body, and use it to strike an aggressor.

Nowadays there are many variations of cat ear keychains such as:

  • Kitty cat ear keychains
  • Tiger ear keychains
  • Dog ear keychains
  • Animal ear keychains

It's great that many manufacturers and designers now offer several different types of ear keychains to match the animal preference and taste of the consumer. In this article we will discuss each of these different types of ear keychains to help you decide which one is best for you!

Kitty Cat Ears Keychains

Kitty Ear Self Defense Keychain Collection in Assorted Colors

Kitty cat ears keychains are possibly the "cutest" of the bunch. The kitty cat face has a heart-shaped nose, cute little whiskers, and a youthful rounded face shape. They have average-sized ears which make them relatively potent for self-defense.

Kitty cat ears come in a wide array of colors ranging from classics like black and silver to modern colors like chrome and tangerine. This vast selection of colors make them very appealing to both students as well as young adults. They cost a very affordable $6.99 and should last a long time.

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Tiger Ears Self Defense Keychains

Tiger Ear Self Defense Keychains in Assorted Colors

Tiger ears keychains are a bit more fierce than the cute kitty cat ears keychains above. These safety keychains have longer ears and longer faces which allow the tiger ear to reach further and with more force. However, they are still very stylish rocking spotted ears which are indicative of the big cats. The color selection of tiger ears keychains is more limited with the base colors of silver, gold and black, as well as teal, orchid, and magenta.

Tiger ears are perfect for any woman who wants a more powerful defensive keychain that still has the cute attributes of the original cat ears. Tiger ears cost $6.99.

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Dog Ears Self Defense Keychains

Dog Ears Safety Keychains in Assorted Base Colors

Dog ears safety keychains are a relatively new addition to the cat ears weapon family, and it was about time! The age old question of "are you a cat person or dog person?" finally has the equivalent self defense weapon dilemma!

These dog ear safety keychains are a bit different from the rest of the cat ear keychains. They are made of a strong ABS plastic rather than metal. The "face" and the body of the weapon is more dense and solid than the cat ears. Other than those two things, the functionality is still the same - simply grip the dog ear keychain between the dog's eyes with its ears facing outward and use it to deter an aggressor.

They come in just 6 colors of brown, black, purple, blue, red, and pink and they cost $6.99.

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Animal Ear Self Defense Keychains

Animal Ears Safety Keychains in Assorted Colors

Animal ear self defense keychains are also a relatively new addition to the cat ear weapon family. They're called "animal ears" because of their ambiguous facial features, but they are still quite cute and fashionable.

Animal ear self defense keychains have the same functionality as the other ear keychains - simply hold the animal head through its eyes with the sharp ears pointing away from you and use them in a dangerous situation.

The animal ear keychain collection is designed a bit differently with the ears protruding less and instead tilting inward like a claw. This makes the entire piece very formidable for protection while being more compact.

They come in a variety of base solid colors as well as the special multi-colored chrome version. The cost is $6.99.

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Cat Ears Self Defense Keychains

Cat Ears Self Defense Keychains in Assorted Colors

Finally we come to the original cat ears self defense keychains, the OG that started it all! If it ain't broke, don't fix it applies here as the original cat ears keychains were everything and more.

Constructed from metal and equipped with two powerful sharp cat ears, they are the perfect length and shape to be a very powerful weapon.

All of these ear keychains are very lightweight and compact weighing roughly the same as a couple of house keys and no larger than an adult's palm.

The cat ear safety keychain collection features a variety of colors from lime to gold to pink to match anyone's fashion taste. They are the lowest priced ear defense keychain at $5.99.

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You can't go wrong with any of these self defense ear keychains whether you want to purchase your daughter one of the cute kitty ear keychains or a dog ear keychain for a canine lover.

The best part is all of these ear self defense keychains possess the same benefits of being very affordable, extremely effective at real life self defense, and practical being very light and compact to carry around.

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