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Dog Ears Self Defense Keychain

Dog Ears Self Defense Keychain

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Feel more confident and have greater peace of mind with your Dog Ears self defense keychain. Deter an attacker and collect DNA with the sharp pointed tips of the fierce canine ears without sacrificing style or convenience.

Based on the original cat ears, these dog ear self defense keychains are designed with a dog's face rather than a cat's face, and are fashionable and adorable to attach to a keychain.

Cat ears and dog ears keychains are popular self defence tools because they combine fashion and protection into a multi-functional keychain that is light and convenient.


  • Attach it to your keys and forget about it until you need them
  • Made of durable strong plastic to withstand your everyday
  • Lightweight and compact for on-the-go protection
  • Cute modern dog cat design is perfect for college students, young adults, and animal lovers
  • Two (2) sharp points for increased striking ability
  • Easy to Grip Double-Hole Handheld Base for Stability


  • Dog Ears Self Defense Keychain Kitty Ears Length: 9 cm
  • Dog Ears Self Defense Keychain Kitty Ears Width: 6.5 cm
  • Dog Ears Self Defense Keychain Kitty Ears Weight: 45 grams

How To Use

Grip the dog ears keychain around the base with your index and middle fingers with the two sharp points facing outward. Use your instinctive defensive moves to strike an attacker, draw blood, and collect DNA.

Care Guide

All self defense keychains are both aesthetic accessories and functional tools. They should be routinely cleaned using a cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Never submerge keychains into water or any liquids, and always dry after cleaning.

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Our Mission

SDK Store is committed to arming and protecting women and men with practical, convenient, and affordable self defense keychains.

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