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Plastic Stinger Kubaton Self Defense Keychain

Plastic Stinger Kubaton Self Defense Keychain

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Take your Plastic Stinger Kubaton with you anywhere, and always be protected with a discreet and effective defense weapon.

Molded from heavy-duty ABS plastic, the Plastic Stinger Kubaton can be carried with you through metal detectors, and won't be confiscated for being metal. Regulations and restrictions are generally more permissive regarding items made of plastic so you can be rest assured that your reliable self defense product won't be taken from you.

The Plastic Stinger Kubaton is designed with a wide palm base and two side supports for control and stability. Hold the defensive stick in a variety of different configurations and grips to target an attacker's pressure point or strike a predator in self defense.


  • Molded from heavy-duty ABS plastic to prevent detection
  • Lightweight and durable body
  • Wide bottom and two side supports for added control and stability
  • Perfect unassuming self defense weapon for mothers, young professionals and college students


  • Plastic Stinger Kubaton Width: 5.4 cm
  • Plastic Stinger Kubaton Length: 8 cm
  • Plastic Stinger Kubaton Depth: 1.2
  • Plastic Stinger Kubaton Weight: 8 grams

How To Use

  1. Attach it: Clip the Plastic Stinger Kubaton onto your bag loop or keychain, or leave it in your bag or pocket.

  2. Be Prepared: When encountering a dangerous situation, retrieve the Plastic Stinger Kubaton from its storage location. Grip the Kubaton in a comfortable position with the stick securely in your palm.

  3. Make Use of It: Use your instinctive defensive moves like punching and striking to deter the aggressor.

  4. Putting it away: After you're done, simply clip the Plastic Stinger Kubaton back to your keychain or belt loop or stow away in your bag or pocket. 

Care Guide

All self defense keychains are both aesthetic accessories and functional tools. They should be routinely cleaned using a cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Never submerge keychains into water or any liquids, and always dry after cleaning.

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