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GPS Air Tracking Tag Keychain (Compatible with Apple Find My Network)

GPS Air Tracking Tag Keychain (Compatible with Apple Find My Network)

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Monitor the whereabouts of your children, dogs, partners, parents, car, luggage, or any other important person or possession with the GPS Air Tracking Tag Keychain. This GPS Air Tracking Tag Keychain is compatible with Apple's Find My app which can be used to pinpoint the location of your tracking tag.

Imagine a world where we no longer have missing persons or missing pets? While not everyone is on board with the idea of Big Brother surveillance, you can personally reduce the risk of your child, partner, or pet going missing with the GPS Air Tracking Tag Keychain.

"The kidnapper will take your child out of range, and you won't be able to pinpoint their location." Yes, that's possible but the tag will track their location, route, and trajectory before it goes out of range, and law enforcement will be able to use this pertinent information versus having no location data at all except where the child was last seen.

"The criminal will get rid of the tag." Yes, that's possible but the tags are 1.4" inches in diameter and lightweight, so you can hide them in a number of different spots like backpacks, jackets, children's toys, cars, purses, and accessories.

Using a tracking tag will not completely eliminate the risk of a child, person, or pet going missing, but it can improve the chances of finding them if they do go missing, and can give you greater peace of mind knowing where someone is when you're not with them.

The GPS Air Tracking Tag Keychain works by sending out a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by the hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads, and Apple devices around the world, which then anonymously send the location of your Tracking Tag to iCloud, where you can see it on a map. This tag is only compatible with iOS and Apple's Find my app, and is currently not compatible with Android devices.


Diameter: 1.4" Inches

Weight: 11 Grams

GPS Network: Apple's Find My network

Battery: CR2032

Battery Life: One (1) Year

Material: ABS Plastic

Sound Activated Tag: Yes

Water Resistant: Yes

Keychain Mountable: Yes


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