What Are Our Most Purchased Products? Top 5 Products in 2024

Are you curious what other shoppers are buying from SDK Store?

Today we'll take you behind the scenes and provide a glimpse of what products other shoppers have purchased the most from our store.

We'll look at the first four months of data of 2024 from January 1st to April 30th for this article.

We used raw data based on the total quantity of units purchased and not total dollar amount of sales.

Without further ado, let's take a peak at what everyone else is buying and the top 5 products sold in 2024 so far!

#5: Defensive Weapons 10-Piece Self Defense Keychain Set

Black Bling Defensive Weapons 10-Piece Self Defense Keychain Set

The defensive weapons 10-piece set comes in at #5 on our list of most sold products so far in 2024.

This set comprises our three (3) more popular compact and practical handheld weapons; Cat Ears, Kubaton, and Key Knife. Additionally, the set is equipped with a loud 130-dB personal alarm, a multi-functional seatbelt cutter/window breaker car tool, hand sanitizer, lipstick holder, wristlet, and pompom.

It's dressed up with 67 different designs from Black Bling to Yellow Sunflowers to match your aesthetic and taste.

Click here to browse our Defensive Weapons 10-Piece Set

#4: Full Protection 8-Piece Self Defense Kit

Pink Full Protection 8-Piece Self Defense Kit

Coming in at #4 on our list of most purchased products in 2024 is our full-protection 8-piece self defense kit.

Popular for its complete arsenal of protective keychains, the full protection kit narrowly edges out our defensive weapons set to grab the fourth spot on our list.

It's stocked full with a full barrage of safety tools such as pepper spray, cat ears, and a personal alarm, and doesn't have any non-defense accessories except for a single pompom for garnishment and concealment.

It's garnished in base colors of black, blue, gold, lavender, pink, white, green and red to fit any style or look.

Shop our full protection 8-piece kit here.

#3: Polished Pointed Kubaton

Polished Pointed Kubaton Group of 9 Rainbow Colors

As we reach the top 3 most purchased products in 2024 so far, we enter the single item products rather than sets or kits containing multiple items.

Taking the bronze metal, but only behind the first place product by 16%, are the polished pointed kubatons. Noted for their shiny smooth finish, these kubatons are as fierce as they look.

Their solid cylindrical body is furnished with grooves to provide better grip and control during a dangerous situation, while the pointed tip provides a sharp striking surface.

The polished pointed kubaton comes in 9 beautiful radiant rainbow colors.

Shop polished pointed kubatons here.

#2: Pastel Pointed Kubaton

Pastel Pointed Kubaton - Rainbow Matte Colors

#2 on our list and taking the silver medal with a valiant effort are the pastel pointed kubatons. They only trailed the #1 most purchased product by 8.6% showing how close these top 3 products all were to each other.

The pastel pointed kubaton is always on our list of favorite defense keychains, notably for its proficient defensive capabilities as well as its practical and subtle nature.

Just like the polished kubatons they are forged from metal with finger grooves to provide grip and stability, and a sharp point for defending yourself.

They come in an elegant array of 10 matte colors for superior discreetness.

Click here to buy our pastel pointed kubatons.

#1: Cat Ears Self Defense Knuckles Keychain

Cat Ears Self Defense Knuckles Keychain - Group Photo 11 Colors

The top spot on our list goes to the cat ears self defense knuckles keychain collecting 16.6% of purchased products so far in 2024.

Cat ears are very popular for good reason - they are good at self defense.

They are equipped with two sharp "ears" for defensive striking, two eye-finger holes for control, and a palm brace for stabilization making them one of the most effective and functional self defense keychains.

Additionally, cat ear keychains look very unassuming since they take the form of a cute feline cat that many of us find endearing. They come in 11 different beautiful base colors to provide even more subtlety and style.

Click here to shop our top selling cat ear keychains.


Value and affordability play a huge role in consumer spending, so it's no surprise that these 5 products were the most purchased so far in 2024. They each provide tremendous value to the consumer offering practical self defense at an affordable price.

Next up, are you curious about what colors of products customers are purchasing most? Is it timeless black, pretty pink, fierce red, or some other color we are not expecting?

Check back next month for our next article with the most popular colors of products that customers have purchased in 2024 😊

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