The Power of Concealed Weapons with Threaded Mechanisms

Today's article will focus on a specific feature that can only be found in two of our keychains: threaded mechanisms for weapon concealment.

The keychains equipped with threaded mechanisms for weapon concealment are our Kubaton with Hidden Knife and Mini Capsule with Hidden Blade.

Please always make sure to check the regional regulations of your country or area before placing any orders with us and to consult with a lawyer if you are unsure of the legality of a product.

About the Products

The Kubaton with Hidden Knife and Mini Capsule with Hidden Blade are two of our favorite self defense keychains we sell due to their unparalleled concealment.

The Kubaton with Hidden Knife is molded from strong aluminum-steel alloy into a solid rod that is durable and can withstand any wear and tear. It comes in five different solid base colors of black, red, white/silver, blue, and gold to blend in with your keys and other keychains. It's light to carry, weighing only 35 grams or about the same as a few house keys, and compact measuring only 5.5 inches in its closed state.

The Mini Capsule with Hidden Blade is a compact sleek mini cylinder with a built-in carabiner for easy attachment. It's forged from a strong aluminum-steel alloy and finished in black, gold, or red colors. It's small and lightweight measuring just 2.25 inches with the blade unsheathed, and 8 grams which is the same as a single housekey.

Unparalleled Concealment

Both the Kubaton with Hidden Knife and Mini Capsule with Hidden Blade have concealment that is unmatched by most of the keychains we sell.

Most concealed knives utilize a pivot hinge to unveil a hidden blade like this one seen below in the photo:

Black Key Knife Closed and Open

This pivot hinge allows the user to unfold the blade into an open position.

Here's a brief article describing what a hinge is: What is a hinge?

While the pivot hinge is an excellent mechanism to provide concealment, there are a couple of drawbacks with it.

One, the concealed blade is still partially visible even in the closed position. While the average person would see it hanging amongst other keys and not think twice, if someone were to inspect it closely, they would undoubtedly identify its functionality and concealment.

Two, the concealed blade could be accidentally unfolded and opened if it were to get caught on something and pulled. While the chances of that happening are very small, it is still possible.

The Kubaton with Hidden Knife and Mini Capsule with Hidden Blade, on the other hand, use a threaded mechanism for concealment, as seen below in the photo:

Black Kubaton with Hidden Knife in its closed and partially opened states

This threaded mechanism provides superior concealment due to its zero visibility and secure attachment. The hidden knife is not visible at all when the kubaton is in its closed position and concealed state. And when screwed tightly, the tip of the kubaton will not be accidentally unscrewed and opened.

Here's a Wikipedia article about thread (screw) mechanisms: Wikipedia Thread (Screw) Mechanisms.

Fixed / Locked Blades

Threaded mechanisms that provide concealment also normally feature fixed or locked blades, which means that the blade doesn't move and is locked in place.

Concealed knives that utilize a pivot hinge mechanism mentioned above have unfixed blades that are movable, which is how you conceal them. The movable pivot hinge might make the blade less stable, and there is a chance it might move during use.

Fixed blades on the other hand provide more stability and control to the user. When gripping the handle or base of the item, the blade is securely attached to it and won't move during action.

Capsule with Hidden Blade Gold

Downsides to Concealed Knives Using Threaded Mechanisms

Naturally, since a threaded mechanism provides greater concealment, it will also take longer to access and open due to the increased attachment.

This is the case with concealed knives that utilize threaded mechanisms - it will take longer to unscrew and unveil the knife versus a pivot hinge concealed knife that you can immediately unfold in one motion.

While speed and convenience are important in a self defense situation, this is by no means a dealbreaker, and the threaded mechanisms on both the kubaton and capsule can be unscrewed in just a few seconds. However, when comparing them to foldable knives, we must disclose that foldable knives are faster, even if only by a few seconds.

Additionally for our kubaton, the tip must be unscrewed, flipped over, and then screwed in again to fully equip and arm the weapon.

Another downside to the mini capsule is once the cover is unscrewed, it is fully detached from the knife, and can be misplaced or lost more easily.

Final Word

The Kubaton with Hidden Knife and Mini Capsule with Hidden Blade are two personal defense keychains that should be in every person's weapon collection.

Their unrivaled concealment offers versatility that they can be carried or stored anywhere without safety or discovery concerns.

While they have a couple cons like a slightly longer arming time, their superior functionality and practicality outweigh any trivial downsides.

Shop our Kubaton with Hidden Knife and Mini Capsule with Hidden Blade here:

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Buy SDK Store's Mini Capsule with Hidden Blade here

The SDK Store team will be exploring, curating, and adding new self defense keychains equipped with threaded mechanisms for concealment moving forward, as we love the safety and convenience profile it provides.

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