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Technology has officially woven itself into the fabric of our society and is an indispensable part of our daily lives.

While pundits and naysayers often describe the potential pitfalls of relying so heavily on technology, and how artificial intelligence and robots can eventually replace human beings, no one can deny the tremendous benefits we are currently experiencing with unprecedented convenience, accuracy, connectivity (just to name a few), and most importantly for this article, personal safety.

While it's important to be mindful of the full spectrum of what this technological change means in the long run, we also shouldn't let those concerns deter and discourage our current innovation and progress.

While the first technological advances came in the form of bulky brick cell phones, modern technology has developed powerful mini voice recorders, GPS trackers, smart phone apps, and camera detectors.

SDK Store prides itself on offering the largest selection of self defense keychains on the internet including numerous collections of beautiful colors, designs, and functionalities - and we are keeping pace with the technological advances in safety keychain devices as well.

Tech Audio Recording Keychains

The first products in our new "tech" product category are audio recording keychains. The amount of lives that these devices can save, and the amount of irrefutable evidence they can provide, will be monumental.

Previously, recording devices required large bulky electrical equipment and were inconvenient and impractical to carry with you. They are now innovated as small, portable keychain gadgets that can be easily and discreetly attached to your keys for evidence recording.

Mini Voice Recorder Keychain Attached To House Keys

Audio Recorder Keychain Uses

Most audio recorder keychains utilize an intelligent automatic voice recording function that will only start recording when noise is picked up. This is advantageous since you may not have time to turn your recorder on in a dangerous situation. There are many scenarios that this will come in handy including:

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment or discrimination is unfortunately a very common thing, and audio recording safety keychains can be discreetly used to capture audio evidence of inappropriate behavior, verbal abuse, or harassment by colleagues, supervisors, or clients. You can use this evidence to file complaints with HR departments, seek legal recourse, or document patterns of misconduct.

Domestic Abuse

People experiencing domestic abuse can use an audio recorder keychain to document incidents of verbal, physical, or emotional abuse, threats, or intimidation by their abusers. While it might be hard to create separation and detachment from your abuser, these recordings can provide tangible evidence of the abuse and help build a case for legal protection orders, custody arrangements, or criminal prosecution against their abusers.

Physical Assault

While you won't be able to capture any video or visual evidence of a physical assault, sometimes audio can provide enough evidence to prove that a crime occurred. The recorder can capture noises of the altercation, physical contact sounds, cries for help, screams, sounds of the struggle, demands, threats, and even audible descriptions of the actions taking place. The recorder keychain owner could also try to elicit the assaulter into describing what he's doing or what's taking place to have more accurate and concrete evidence that can be used in criminal investigations, prosecutions, or civil lawsuits against the assailant.

Kidnapping / Abduction / Murder

Audio recorders could also be very helpful if someone's been kidnapped, abducted or murdered. Recovering the victim's personal belongings like their keys with an audio recorder keychain attached could provide vital evidence to identifying and capturing the abductor or killer.

Audio recorders can capture conversations, struggles, and key details in a crime that can be solid evidence in an investigation. If the victim knows their audio recorder keychain is on, they can also comment details of their crime or bait the kidnapper or killer into revealing more information to help law enforcement find them - even after they've been kidnapped or post-mortem.

Future of Tech Safety Keychains

A mini audio recording keychain can provide 100% irrefutable evidence to help law enforcement identify and capture a suspect, and put them behind bars. This type of evidence is very empowering for victims to come forward, since they know how accurate and credible an audio recording is in the eyes of the law.

Moving forward, SDK Store plans to offer other tech safety keychains such as GPS tracker keychains, hidden camera detectors, mini video recording camera keychains, and SOS alert button keychains. All of these safety tech keychains will be compact and practical for everyday carry, as well as provide the user with enhanced efficiency and accuracy of their personal safety, something that would be impossible without the advent of technology.

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