Our 5 Hottest Selling Products This Summer

At SDK Store, we pride ourselves on offering hundreds of premium products comprising thousands of colors, designs, and sizes.

Among these thousands of products, 5 have stood out from the crowd and were purchased more than any other products so far this summer.

Top 5 Hottest Selling Products this Summer Chart

What do these 5 products have in common?

  1. They are all handheld contact self-defense products. For example, a personal alarm, a pepper spray, or a flashlight would not be categorized as handheld contact self-defense products.
  2. They are all under $10 dollars. All of these products provided great value and affordability to our customers.
  3. They were mostly purchased with other products. More than 78% of the time, these products were purchased with other products to create a customized self-defense set.
  4. They are all offered in a variety of stylish colors. Aesthetics and fashion played a large role in consumers purchasing self-defense products.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the top 5 most purchased self-defense products from our store this summer so far..

#5: Kitty Cat Ears Self Defense Keychains

Kitty Cat Ear Defense Keychain - Full Set of 12 Colors

Kitty cat ears self defense keychains come in at number 5 on this list of the hottest selling products this summer.

These kitty cat ears feature a cute kitten's face, sharp pointed feline ears, a heart-shaped nose, large eyes for finger holes, and a rounded skull shape for comfortable handling.

They come in twelve (12) vibrant colors from pink, lime and teal to base colors like black and white, and a special chrome multi-colored version.

Kitty Cat Ear Keychain Attached to Belt Loop Illustration

Attach the kitty cat ears self defense keychain to your house keys or belt loop and always be protected when you're out and about. The cute kitten face may look like just a decorative fashion statement, but if trouble appears you will have an effective self-defense weapon to help you fight off an attacker.

Shop our Kitty Cat Ear Defense Keychains here for just $8.99.

#4: Kubaton with Side Spikes Self Defense Keychain

Kubaton with Side Spikes - Full Set of 5 Colors

The Kubaton with Side Spikes is a real showstopper.

Molded from high-strength aluminum, the first thing you feel when you pick up the Kubaton with Side Spikes is how lightweight and powerful it is.

It is equipped with three (3) sharp points comprising one large spike and two smaller side spikes, which also act as stabilizers for the defense weapon.

Kubaton with Side Spike in Silver/White

The Kubaton with Side Spikes comes in five (5) different colors including Azure Blue and Black.

If you are in a dangerous situation, simply grip the Kubaton with your fingers interlaced between the side spikes and use your natural instinctive moves to fight off the aggressor.

Click here to shop Kubaton with Side Spikes Keychains.

#3: Cat Ears Self Defense Keychains

Cat Ears Defense Keychains - Full Set of 11

Cat Ears keychains ranks at #3 on our list of the summer's hottest selling self defense keychains.

Some people say there's nothing like the original, and that's why these are the 3rd most popular keychain this summer.

Cat Ear defense keychains are highlighted by their sharp and long spikes for ears that act as the deterring weapons against predators. They are secured via the cat eye holes where you loop your fingers through and grip for control and stability. Another major difference between this and the #5 Kitty Cat Ears, is the base here is flat, while the Kitty Cat Ears base is rounded. The rounded Kitty Cat Ears base might provide more comfort, while the flat Cat Ears provides more stability.

The Cat Ears come in twelve (12) different vibrant rainbow colors ranging from Lavender and Teal to White and Gold.

Click here to shop Cat Ears Keychains for $8.99.

#2: Polished Pointed Kubatons

Polished Pointed Kubatons - Full Set Picture with all Rainbow Colors

Polished pointed Kubatons rank at #2 on our list, just narrowly beating out Cat Ear keychains.

These handheld sticks have a sleek and sexy look that don't allude to their powerful striking abilities. These come in nine (9) polished glossy rainbow colors that are sure to make a striking statement both on your keychain and in a dangerous situation.

These polished Kubatons are popular because of their grooved body that provides grip and control, as well as their pointy tip that can help you fight off a predator.

Shop our Polished Pointed Kubatons by clicking here for $8.99.

#1: Pastel Pointed Kubatons

Pastel Pointed Kubaton Full Set - Beautiful Matte Colors

The Pastel Pointed Kubatons are some of the prettiest yet most powerful self defense weapons for women out there.

Not only are they our #1 top selling self-defense product this summer, but they are also one of our team's favorites.

And the reason is simple: they are gorgeous.

They come in ten (10) different subtle, matte colors including pink, lime, and baby blue, as well as timeless colors like black and white. There's also a chic patterned pastel color called "Concrete" that is beautifully designed.

Pastel Pointed Kubaton in Concrete being Held by Woman

Besides their pretty aesthetics, these Pastel Kubatons are every bit as effective as the other Kubatons. They have smooth finger grooves that allow you to grip the Kubaton comfortably and securely, and a sharp tip that can be used to fight off an attacker.

Click here to purchase a Pastel Pointed Kubaton for only $8.99.

Hottest Products of the Summer Conclusion

We are officially in August but the summer heat is still going strong as well as the summer vibes.

Make the most of the outdoors, the weather, and the elevated moods before we head towards the fall and winter months. And if you plan to be outdoors, it's always good to prepare yourself with extra protection and peace of mind.

Stay safe and healthy!

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