Non-Obvious Benefits of Self Defense Keychains for Women

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Everyone knows the physical benefits that self defense keychains provide to women.

They are tangible, powerful tools that help you physically fight off an attacker, collect their DNA, and escape a dangerous situation.

But besides these obvious and measurable benefits, are there any other advantages that self defense keychains offer to women?

Let's dive into other ways that self defense keychains can provide safety and other benefits without needing to physically fight off an attacker.

1. Empowerment

3 Women Empowered

Safety keychains can provide a sense of empowerment that allows women to feel more in control of their lives. A safety keychain demonstrates that a woman is regaining power over unpredictable and dangerous situations in her life. Safety keychains may also lead to women further empowering themselves by taking self-defense and martial arts classes and investing in other self defense weapons. They also show women that with innovation and technology, there are many ways to stay protected and as society progresses it is only going to get better and more safe out there.

2. Increased Confidence

Very Confident Woman

Confidence is something that you see and feel through how someone walks, talks and just carries themselves. The body language of a confident person is strong, assertive, and in control. Not surprisingly, predators seek targets that have weak body language and lack confidence, so they are easier targets.

Safety keychains do a great job of instilling confidence in women and therefore giving her strong body language that can deter a predator before he even attacks.

Simply knowing that you are armed with effective and powerful self defense weapons is enough to give you the confidence that you at least have a fighting chance to deter a predator. That confidence alone can be a huge deterrent.

3. Peace of Mind

Woman Sitting in Front of Sunrise with Peace of Mind

Safety keychains also provide peace of mind to the user. Instead of feeling nervous and always looking over their shoulders, women can feel more relaxed and experience life with a more open mind knowing that she does have protection if she needs it.

That feeling of peace of mind can carry over and have a positive impact on many other areas of life. A woman's mood and outlook on life will improve, as well as her relationships and goals.

4. Visible Deterrents

Woman with Visible Deterrent Safety Keychain

Self-defense keychains are generally clipped to belt loops or bag straps and are hence visible to the public. This is one of the major benefits of self-defense keychains; they are fashion friendly and come in stylish designs, and can be used as a fashion statement. Therefore many women don't try to hide their self-defense keychains while in public.

Predators are very alert and will notice a woman who is carrying a self-defense keychain or not since they are visible. Since predators like easy targets, they may elect to select a different target who is not armed.

5. Gateway Self-Defense

Woman Learning Self Defense Martial Arts Combat Sports and Fighting off Man

Safety keychains are a relatively easy purchase to make. They are affordable, don't require training or licenses, and are designed to be female-friendly.

After a woman has purchased a safety keychain, she may decide to look into other self-defense options since she is more familiar with the space. This may lead to purchasing more lethal self-defense weapons like firearms, or to enroll in combat sports classes to supplement her defensive weapon arsenal.

As women become more familiar and comfortable with the self defense space, they will undoubtedly increase their confidence and self defense prowess.

6. Normalizing Self Defense Products for Women

Beautiful Pastel Kubatons

Safety keychains are a relatively modern invention. Previously if a woman wanted to arm herself, she would need to carry a large metal knife or a bulky can of black pepper spray.

Nowadays women can arm themselves in style and with convenience. Safety keychains contain products that are compact, lightweight, and beautiful to accessorize with.

When friends see you with your safety keychain, they might become interested in buying one as well.

When people learn about the low affordable costs of safety keychains, they will be more inclined to arm themselves.

And as more people arm themselves on social media and television, the previously taboo idea of women being extreme for arming themselves, will become normalized and more women will do it.


Safety keychains provide many obvious self-defense benefits such as deterring a predator and summoning bystanders for help, but they possess many other not-so-obvious advantages.

Empowerment, confidence, and peace of mind can have a positive ripple effect not only on your everyday safety, but other areas of your life too.

As more women proudly arm themselves, the idea of a woman carrying a self defense weapon won't be so foreign and more women will be open to doing it.

And as technology and innovation progresses we will continue to see new products that keep women safe in new ways.

Stay safe out there everyone!

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