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Fall has officially arrived on this Saturday, September 23 and while we are getting ready for the foods, sights, and holidays of this season, we are also restocking our store shelves with newly released safety keychain products!

The SDK team prides itself on curating not only the best self defense keychains but also the largest selection of designs, styles, and functionalities.

And do we have some new treats for you! From Holiday inspired keychain designs to cute whimsical personal alarms, our product catalogue is expanding with only the best!

Without further ado let's take a look at some of the newest products to hit our shelves this Autumn!

1. Stun Gun - Pastel Colors

As one of the most effective less-lethal self defense products on the market, we are happy to release our Stun Gun - Pastel Colors collection this fall!

Equipped with 5000K volts of self defense power, energized by a rechargeable battery, and safeguarded with a safety switch, the Stun Gun Pastel Colors is the perfect addition to your EDC.

Store it in your car for emergencies, or leave it in your bag for dangerous situations, and you will always have an extremely potent device to incapacitate a predator and escape a life or death situation.

2. Holiday Edition Self Defense Sets

While it's still only September, we can all read the writing on the wall. The weather's getting chillier, the sun is setting earlier, and the mood is starting to shift to one of hibernation.

However, that also means the holidays are just right around the corner with Thanksgiving less than 8 weeks away, and Christmas soon after that.

Our newest designs come in many merry styles from Red Stockings to Blue Winter to Yellow Santa, there is a design for everyone's favorite holiday memory.

Order our holiday designs in our safety tools, defensive weapons, or pepper spray sets, and give the gift of safety this holiday season!

3. Mini Lemon Personal Alarm

The Mini Lemon Personal Alarm will bring a splash of minimalist color to your keychain while keeping you safe and protected from aggressive predators and unwanted animals.

The highlight of the Mini Lemon Alarm is its compact size and beautiful appearance. The alarm measures only 3.7 inches in height by 1.9 inches in width and weights just 38 grams.

It is adorned in an array of beautiful rainbow colors including turquoise, emerald green and lilac purple to match any aesthetic.

Simply press the side button of the lemon to activate a loud blaring alarm to scare off an attacker, deter animals, and attract attention from bystanders who can intervene or call the police.

4. Cat Ears Tribute Edition

Cat Ears Brass Knuckles Tribute to America

Our special Cat Ears Tribute Edition keychain features 2 unique designs commemorating the US Flag and America, and an endearing tribute to Love.

But don't be fooled by the beautiful designs on this keychain - it's armed with two pointy cat ears and a comfortable handheld base to provide an extra edge to your defensive strikes.

The Cat Ears Tribute Edition keychains proudly stand for the fight for our personal freedom, and the the belief that love conquers all, even hate.

5. Bling and Jeweled Defensive Weapon 9-Piece Sets

Magenta Bling Defensive Weapons 9-Piece Set

The newest additions to our defensive weapon 9-piece keychain sets are our Bling and Jeweled themes. These designs feature eye-catching patterns and radiant colors that will add an ounce of flavor to any house keys.

Each keychain set comes packed with defensive weapons including Kubaton sticks, key knives, cat knuckles, and other safety pieces that can help you in an emergency.

Invest in our Blue Jewels, Black Bling, Magenta Bling, and Purple Jewels defensive weapon sets and have greater peace of mind wherever you are.

New Releases Coming Soon

We are always releasing new innovative self-defense keychains that fit our criteria of being effective, fashionable and affordable!

Our team spends a lot of time curating the best pieces and working directly with our designers and manufacturers to ensure the highest quality and the best shopping experience for our customers.

As we approach the holidays, stay tuned for new releases to hit our shelves!

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