New Collection: Self Defense Keychain Attachments

SDK Store has released our newest product collection called attachments.

Attachments is all about the supplemental items that help your keychain set operate smoothly. It consists of functional, organizational, and decorative pieces rather than survival and self-defense products.

Carabiners in Rainbow Colors

Some of the initial products of this collection include carabiners, wristlets, and key rings. They are all functional keychain accessories that provide structure and organization to your self-defense keychain set. They act as connecting pieces to consolidate your various defense keychains together into one unit, or as anchors to secure your keychain set to your belt loop or bag.

In the future, you can expect to see expanded selections of carabiners and wristlets including different colors, designs, patterns, sizes, and shapes, as well as new types of attachments.

Additionally, we plan to add decorative pieces like fobs and charms. While decorative pieces primarily serve aesthetic purposes they also provide concealment and disguise to your self defense weapons, keeping them discreet.

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Floral Cotton Wristlets - Rainbow Color Group Picture

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