Most Purchased Colors in 2024 | What's The Most Popular Color Defense Keychain?

Kitty Cat Ears Self Defense Knuckles Keychain Group Photo with 12 Rainbow Colors

In this article we'll take you behind the scenes of SDK Store to see what colors of keychains customers purchase the most.

Colors of self defense keychains play a large role in consumers' purchasing decisions as they are both functional tools but also a representation of personal expression and style.

While outdated self defense keychains only came in silver and black, new accessories come in all sorts of rainbow colors, patterns, and designs.

But even with so many colors to choose from, will customers still opt for the discreet timeless shade of black, or will they go with a vibrant confident color like red? Let's see below.

#1 Color Choice: Black

3 Handheld Defense Weapons - Kubaton, Cat Ears, Key Knife in Black

Black is the most popular color choice for self defense keychains so far in 2024 - and it holds strong at #1.

It makes sense why black is the preferred color choice for safety keychains year in and year out - it offers the perfect blend of practicality, style, and cleanliness.

People buy self defense products so they can carry them everyday and not have them identified or confiscated - a black self defense weapon is discreet and subtle, and doesn't draw any unnecessary attention like a brighter color would.

From a fashion perspective, black is timeless and versatile, and is able to seamlessly match any outfit, accessory or look you're going for.

The color black also exudes a sense of power and sophistication that can give the user more confidence and security - plus if a perpetrator sees a black self defense weapon, they may psychologically take it more seriously as a deterrent versus a weapon that was bright yellow.

Lastly, black excels at cleanliness with its ability to hide dirt, scratches, and wear and tear better than other lighter colors.

Overall, black is a superior color choice for a self defense keychain and has very little downsides. We make sure to offer all of our products in black or a close variation of black.

#2 Color Choice: Pink

Pink Safety Keychain Set with Defense Weapons

Pink clocks in at #2 of the most popular color choices for consumers at SDK Store in 2024.

Pink is a great color choice for safety keychains, and many customers choose it for the simple reason that they love the color pink from a fashion perspective and want to match their accessories and taste.

Pink does have many practical benefits as well. Pink can come off as less threatening to others versus more aggressive colors that stand out like red or silver. Therefore, even though the defense keychain's effectiveness is the same, a pink color will make it appear less intimidating and dangerous to others like family, friends, or coworkers.

Similarly, many people are uncomfortable carrying and using self defense products as they don't like the idea of inflicting harm onto others. Carrying a pink safety keychain can help mitigate any unease associated with carrying a weapon, and encourage them to carry it more often, even if only for a good deterrent.

Overall, consumers choose pink for its balance between subtle beauty, practicality, and psychological impact, and we should continue to see pink purchased as the #2 color choice moving forward.

#3 Color Choice: Blue / Chrome

The third most purchased color for safety keychains from SDK Store was a tie between blue and chrome. Our blue comprised all the different types of blues we offer (blue, baby blue, light blue, turquoise), and our chrome is a multi-color chromatic rainbow color that is mainly offered for our Cat Ear keychains.

Blue Complete Protection Safety Kit with Stun Gun and Pepper Spray

Blue is a popular defense keychain color choice simply because it's many people's favorite color making it an attractive and universally pleasing option. Fashion-wise blue is versatile and can pair well with a wide range of outfits, accessories, and personalities, making it a great addition for a night out. The color blue typically evokes feelings of calmness and stability which allow the user to be reassured in dangerous situations. Here is one of our most popular blue defense keychains that many customers purchase: Blue Core Protection Kit.

Cat Ears Self Defense Knuckles Keychain in Chrome Multi-Colored Rainbow

Chrome, our multi-colored chromatic color, is a top 3 choice, because its vibrant shifting hues make it a standout accessory and add a touch of modern flair to any outfit. Many people are drawn to the dynamic and eye-catching nature of chrome, which can reflect their personal style and preference for bold, statement-making accessories. In terms of symbolism, the multi-colored nature of chrome represents variety, diversity, and creativity, all of which contribute to a sense of empowerment and safety. Chrome safety keychains are a unique and fast-growing color option for customers at SDK Store.

What Colors Are Next?

At SDK Store, we understand that the aesthetics of a keychain are just important as its functionality. Some customers will buy a defense keychain mainly for its aesthetic appeal with its functionality being a secondary reason. We also know from first hand experience that if you don't like how your safety product looks, you're less likely to carry it with you.

That's why we are always innovating new colors, shades, designs, and patterns to fit what anyone might be looking for. We're a factory-direct store, and this allows us to produce and offer thousands of designs that an independent retail store wouldn't be able to.

Kubaton Handheld Stick Weapons with Animal Prints like Cheetah, Leopard, Lion, Flamingo, Reptile, Cerulean, and Zebra patterns

In addition to traditional colors of the rainbow, our newest keychains have different designs and patterns on them like animal prints, patriotic symbols, and abstract patterns which appeal to different types of people like animal lovers and creative artists.

As we grow and receive feedback from customers, we'll be able to offer many other designs and colors into our product shelves!

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