March's Fresh Finds | New Product Additions of March

The SDK Team has added 5 new products for March and they are already some of our favorites!

Our criteria for product offerings remains the same: practical, stylish and affordable.

Three of the five latest additions are knife keychains, and this is no surprise considering knife keychains are some of the most effective and practical defense keychains for personal security.

Without further ado, here is a product spotlight for our newest additions:

Leaf Knife with Hidden Blade Keychain

The leaf knife with hidden blade keychain is a useful accessory for any nature lover. The knife presents as a vibrant green or yellow leaf petal but stored inside the foliage is a sharp blade. The leaf knife can be attached to your keys and simply looks like a cute key fob, but when a dangerous or emergency situation arises, you will be ready.

Dual Protection 2-Piece Self Defense Kit

Our newest self-defense kit includes the two best selling keychains at our store - the kubaton and cat ear keychain. Both the kubaton and cat ear keychain are compact handheld weapons that are easy to use, practical to carry everyday, and designed in a variety of colors and styles allowing users to customize their look. This new dual protection kit is a lower price than if you purchased the kubaton plus cat ear keychain as individual products.

Peanut Knife with Hidden Blade

This sharp knife is disguised as a compact oval shaped peanut that can be taken with you anywhere for discreet protection. The peanut knife can also come in handy for outdoor emergencies like when hiking, camping, or fishing, or for everyday cutting tasks like opening packages. Smaller than your pinky finger, this peanut knife is the perfect compact companion for everyday carry.

Bling-Jeweled Vegan Leather Wristlet

One of our primary focuses is sustainable and cruelty-free products. Where possible, we will source products and materials that are made from non-animal products like synthetic or naturally-derived fabrics. Our bling-jeweled vegan leather wristlet matches our criteria perfectly. It's vegan leather which is made from polyurethane plastic and 100% cruelty-free. Besides its vegan traits, it's heralded by its vibrant sparkly base, and anchored by a steel key ring. If you're looking for a little flair with your safety, the bling jeweled began wristlet is the perfect addition for your keychain set.

Half-Guitar Hidden Blade Keychain

The half-guitar hidden blade keychain is another concealed knife keychain that is perfect for music lovers. Intricately detailed with the guitar's strings, frets, and pegs, this keychain also doubles as a bottle opener to assist you at your social events and outdoor activities. Whether you are commuting to work or attending a concert, the half-guitar keychain is the perfect unassuming accessory that won't be confiscated and can provide you with an extra safety tool.

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