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Self defense weapons like guns and pepper spray are very effective at incapacitating an aggressor and keeping you safe. However, even if you own a gun or pepper spray, how often do you have it on you ready for use?

Professional Woman Searching For Self Defense Keychain In Bag

If you're a young woman living in a city, the thought of having to carry around a gun with you everywhere sounds daunting. Imagine rushing to work in the morning only to have your gun fall out of your bag on the transit. Or you're on a first date with a great guy and as he gives you a hug goodbye, he accidentally feels your firearm.

Let's be real: guns and serious weapons are not practical for the average woman. Their size and threatening nature make them a huge liability. Instead of looking at guns and pepper sprays, we'd like to introduce a modern, practical, and effective weapon called the Kubaton.

Kubatons are one of the most popular self defense keychains for women, men, and young adults. They are universally appealing because of their effectiveness, affordability, simplicity, and practicality.

Let's dive in and take a closer look at everything about Kubatons.

Invention of Kubaton

Kubatons were invented by Grand Master Takayuki Kubota, the founder of the Gosuku-ryu style of Karate. He invented the famous handheld weapon in the United States in the 1960s and it was originally intended for female Los Angeles police offices to subdue and restrain criminals.

Police Officer Using Kubaton Keychain and Handcuffs to Subdue Aggressor

Most people don't realize the amount precision and technicality that can be used with a Kubaton. There are various positions, grips, and locks that one can use with a Kubaton to unleash its full potential as a self defense weapon.

Affordability of Kubatons

Kubatons are one of the most affordable self defense keychains you can buy today. While the US economy heads towards a recession, and the average weekly income sits at $1150, Kubatons average around $8-10 dollars, a little more than a cup of coffee. Additionally, once you buy a Kubaton, you own it for life since they are durable and don't require replacement.

The low prices of Kubatons make them appealing self defense keychains for everyone since there is no cost barrier, and they are a great financial investment in your personal safety.

SelfDefenseKeychainStore.com sells the lowest-priced Kubatons on the internet and you can find our full selection below in assorted rainbow and pastel colors here:

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Kubaton Effectiveness and Ease of Use

One major problem with guns is that they can be difficult to use and require extensive training. They have recoil so someone who is smaller or weaker may not be able to use them effectively. Guns have lengthy loading/unloading, safety, and shooting procedures that require a gun owner to take training classes, as well as regularly go to the shooting range to practice.

Kubatons on the other hand are one of the easiest self defense keychains to learn how to use. You don't need professional training or licenses to use one effectively. If the idea of committing a lot of time and resources to a self-defense keychain weapon is intimidating, then a Kubaton may be your best bet.

To use a Kubaton, you simply hold it in your hand like a stick with your fingers interlaced around the shaft grooves, and you can use it to strike your assailant.

There are no complicated procedures. You simply use the ends of the Kubaton to strike the perpetrator.

Kubatons are made of hard metal and therefore are excellent at striking soft tissue areas on human bodies. The eyes, throat, face, solar plex, groin, feet, and ribs are all softer areas that can be impacted by a Kubaton well.

Kubaton Practicality and Convenience

What good is a self defense keychain weapon if it's sitting at home on the bottom of your drawer collecting dust? Another benefit of a Kubaton is how easy it is to take it with you wherever you go.

Kubatons are known for their small compact size normally measuring around 5 inches (the size of the palm of your hand) and weighing no more than a few grams (the weight of 2 house keys). They are minimal and compact and do not take up extra space in your bag or pocket.

They are accessible and can be clipped to your keychain so you don't have to rummage through your bag to find them in a dangerous situation. When you have precious seconds to find your defence weapon, it will be hanging from your keychain and ready to be used.

The Future of Kubatons

We have already seen manufacturers to start to get creative with Kubatons. They now sell them in a large assortment of colors to match the consumer's tastes, as well as different textures and coatings.

We are also seeing new features added to Kubatons such as points that jut out on the sides of a Kubaton, or bumps and ridges that also aid in its defensive impact.

Overall, Kubatons will always be a top option for women and men seeking self defense keychains. They are practical, effective, and won't break the bank, which are the three most important criteria for a protective weapon.

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