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Some states in America have very strict weapon laws, others have very lenient laws, and some just have very vague laws.

Regardless of whether you live in a strict or lenient state, everyone has the need for personal safety and has the right to protect themselves.

While it's easy to say "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6", we would also prefer to err on the side of the caution and follow the rules of society.

Today, we will be going over our top picks for the best 100% legal self-defense keychains so you can be safety protected and not have to worry about being caught with something illegal. Without further ado, here they are...

Pendant Personal Alarm

Beautiful Pendant Personal Alarm in Jet Black, Matte White, Sky Blue, and Pastel Pink

The Pendant Personal Alarm is the personification of beauty and brains.

Adorned in beautiful matte colors of pastel pink, sky blue, jet black, and matte white, this sleek device glistens and sparkles from its LED light during emergencies causing quite the spectacle for people around to see.

There are many best parts of this keychain, so we will list them all...

While some defence keychains require practice, strength, or good aim, the Pendant Personal Alarm only requires you to press a button or pull a hook. Everyone from a kindergarten student to an elderly person can easily do this.

You also will never have to worry about spending money on batteries or running out of power with the device's USB-rechargeable battery pack that is eco-friendly and saves you money.

The Pendant Personal Alarm is light, stylish, and 100% legal wherever you live, and is the perfect accessory to keep you feeling safe and protected.

Learn more about the Pendant Personal Alarm here.

Original Kubotan

Original Kubotan Handheld Stick Group Photo with Rainbow Colors

The Original Kubotan is the initial self-defense stick that was created in the 1960's for law enforcement and self-protection.

There are actually no laws in the United States that ban this compact self-defense weapon, and only a few restrictions in places like airports where it is prohibited in carry-on bags, but allowed in check-in luggage.

This makes the Original Kubotan, and other kubaton sticks, excellent self-defense weapons that are also completely legal.

There are no laws outright banning kubatons because of their shape and utility. They are basically sticks, and it would be impossible and silly to ban sticks since you can find similar instruments everywhere - from pens to tree branches to forks and utensils.

This is great news since a kubaton is actually more than just a "stick", even though it might be classified as one.

They are normally made of metal like steel or aluminum, and are therefore durable and won't break or bend on contact.

Many also come with finger grooves or textured surfaces, which gives the user greater grip and control when handling the defensive rod.

Overall, the Original Kubotan is an effective handheld self-defense tool that is also legal in the United States and should be a strong consideration for any personal safety collection.

Check out the Original Kubotan here.

Multi-Tool Survival Keychain

Multi-Tool Survival Knife with Hooked Serrated Blade in Stainless Steel and Black Handle

The Multi-Tool Survival Keychain is the perfect self-defense knife because it is completely legal, and lightweight and compact for everyday carry.

The Multi-Tool Survival Keychain is legal because its functionality is primarily rooted in outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and hiking. As a knife, it inherently has self-defense properties, but its outward appearance lends to its multiple utilities and uses as an emergency and survival tool.

Its built-in carabiner means that it can be easily attached to your keys or bag, and at less than 3 inches it won't take up a lot of space.

Whether you need to cut line, open packages, or deter a threat, the Multi-Tool Survival Keychain can fulfill all of these purposes as a compact and practical device.

Shop Multi-Tool Survival Keychains now.

Kubaton Pen with Textured Grip

Kubaton Pen with Textured Grip Group Photo Silver, Black, Bronze, Gold

The Kubaton Pen with Textured Grip is a smart and completely legal self-defense tool that can be used when you're at work, traveling, or simply out running errands.

We may be living in the age of technology, but people still carry pens and write things down... every once in a while.

Perhaps you are a server who writes orders, you travel to conferences and jot down notes, or you have in-person meetings that require taking minutes.

The Kubaton Pen with Textured Grip gives you the everyday functionality of a high-quality fountain pen with the added utility of being a handheld defense stick and window breaker.

The difference lies in the pen's body and material. The Kubaton Pen is constructed as a solid cylinder reinforced by a high-tensile metal like steel or aluminum, while a regular pen is made with plastic and has multiple connecting parts which compromises its integrity.

Store the Kubaton Pen in your car's glove compartment and it will always be there for multiple uses in emergency situations.

Purchase a Kubaton Pen with Textured Grip here.

Mini Survival Whistle

Mini Survival Whistles for Self Defense - Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Black

Our mini survival whistle is one of the best self-defense keychains someone can have and it's completely legal in all 50 US states.

The benefits are obvious: it's inexpensive and affordable for anyone, super small and compact for everyday carry, and will never run out of batteries or power.

Weighing less than 3 quarters, the Mini Survival Whistle can be attached to your keys or stored in your bag and won't make a dent and take up extra space. The minimalist cylindrical noise maker can be carried with you biking, hiking, camping, or simply in your everyday carry for an extra layer of protection.

Learn more about the Mini Survival Whistle keychain here.

100% Legal Keychains Final Remarks

While the five (5) keychains listed in this article are all legal and have no laws prohibiting them in the United States, there are many other self-defence keychains that may be legal in your particular state depending on a myriad of factors.

There is a lot of gray area in what you can legally carry and what is prohibited, but it should be easy to Google the laws of your state or consult with an attorney for a small cost or for free.

Regardless of your state's weapon laws, it's our human right to feel safe in our own skin and the aid of self defense keychain weapons allows us to do so.

Never be afraid to "get serious" about your personal safety by equipping yourself with a knife or an alarm or pepper spray because it is a very serious matter.

The more we stand up to senseless violence and exploitation, the faster we will see changes made throughout our society both on the macro and micro level.

Stay safe and gear up!

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