Is It Illegal To Have A Self Defense Keychain? Safety Keychain Legality

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Self defense keychains are a popular accessory for protection because of their convenience, affordability, and effectiveness. Women are very independent and empowered nowadays and carrying practical defense is necessary.

Is it illegal to have a self defense keychain?

In general, it is legal to purchase, own, and carry a self defense keychain, as long as it follows the specific laws and restrictions of your city, state, and jurisdiction, is not considered a deadly weapon, and is only used in response to an appropriate and equal-force threat.

Most self defense keychains are universally legal in the United States to purchase, own, and carry, with some restrictions on owner's age, product size, potency, and carry method.

That may be a broad answer, but the laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It's always best to consult with a lawyer in your area - however, you should also realize that many weapon and self defense laws are complex and contain a lot of gray area.


If an intruder breaks into your house in the middle of the night dressed in a black ski mask, and in your terrified half-asleep state, you stab and kill him with a pencil while he is trying to flee your house, in many cases and jurisdictions you will be charged with his death.

Why? Some laws assert that if the perpetrator is fleeing the scene and has their back to you, they do not pose an active or dangerous threat and killing them is unwarranted.

As you can see, a pencil is not a dangerous weapon, nor is it classified as a self-defense product. A 10-year old child buys and carries pencils everyday. However, that would not matter in this situation as a large part of the law is based on intent and circumstances.

Let's take a look at some specific self defense keychains and discuss their legality.

What Self Defense Keychains Are Universally Legal?

There are some safety keychains that are universally legal. Safety keychains that are universally legal generally are intended for either survival purposes or multi-functionality, rather than being used only for defensive reasons.

Self Defense Flashlight Keychains

✅ Legal In All 50 States

Self Defense Flashlight Keychain Collection in Assorted Rainbow Colors

Flashlight keychains are universally legal to purchase, own, and carry in every state, and that's because flashlights are a common household device used to illuminate dark basements and stay safe in emergency blackouts. The fact that flashlight safety keychains can also be used to temporarily blind an aggressor or emit strobe lights to alert bystanders are secondary uses.

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Safety flashlight keychains are excellent non-lethal, 100% legal self defense weapons you can purchase. One of the best places to keep a safety flashlight keychain is in your car where it can be used both for vehicle emergencies and personal safety.

Self Defense Alarm Keychains

✅ Legal In All 50 States

Self Defense Keychain Alarms - Pink, White and Blue Safety Alarms

Alarm keychains are legal in all 50 states in the United States and are one of the most tech-friendly devices you can buy for personal protection. Safety alarm keychains are legal because they are non-lethal and only emit a loud noise which is a non-offensive and contactless way to defend yourself.

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Alarm keychains are effective deterrents because they attract attention to you and the crime scene, and predators rarely like to be noticed. They also don't require any special skills or knowledge since they function by pressing a button or pulling a lever.

Self Defense Whistles

✅ Legal In All 50 States

Self Defense Whistle Keychains - Multi Colors Blue, Green, Gold, Red, Black

Whistle keychains are universally legal and similar to alarms in their functionality of emitting a sound to deter an aggressor and attract attention from bystanders. Safety whistle keychains can also be used for survival if you are lost hiking and need to summon help.

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Whistle keychains are small, lightweight, and generally very affordable and are an excellent all-around safety keychain to purchase and own.

What Self Defense Keychains Are Legal Depending On The Jurisdiction?

There are many self defense keychains that vary in legality depending on jurisdiction. Some state laws allow its citizens to freely carry products to defend themselves since they believe in a person's right to be free and safe from bodily injury. Other state laws restrict what you can carry and prefer to keep certain products out of the hands of its citizens.

Self Defense Kubatons

✅ Legal In All 50 States

🚩 Some Restrictions

Pointed Pastel Rainbow Color Kubaton Keychains

In general, self defense Kubaton keychains are legal in the United States but there are few restrictions on them. While Kubaton keychains are a contact tool, the reason they are legal in the United States is because their form is very similar to basic everyday objects - a pen, pencil, a tree branch, house keys - a Kubaton generally resembles other everyday objects that a person would use to defend themselves and that's why they are legal.

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Kubatons are a practical and convenient safety tool to carry on your keychain since they are lightweight and compact, and come in different styles and colors.

Self Defense Pepper Spray Keychains

✅ Legal In All 50 States

🚩 Must Be Over 18 To Purchase, Own and Carry

🚩 Some Restrictions On Size, Age and Potency

Self Defense Pepper Spray Keychains - Bling Jeweled Styles

Pepper spray keychains are legal to purchase, own, and carry in all 50 states, however some states like NY have shipping restrictions, and California and Wisconsin have size and potency limits.

New York state doesn't allow pepper spray to be shipped and you can only purchase pepper spray in New York from a pharmacy or licensed dealer. This is because you have to fill out a legal form before purchasing pepper spray to ensure you are not a minor or convicted felon, and the easiest verification process is at one of these retailers.

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Pepper spray is legal in California as long as the canister is 2.5 ounces or less, and is legal in Wisconsin as long as the canister is less than 2.0 ounces and the OC concentration is 10% or less potency.

Pepper spray keychains are one of the top less-lethal safety keychains someone can use for protection and you should arm yourself and your loved ones with this highly-effective and affordable safety weapon today.

Self Defense Knife Keychains

✅ Legal In All 50 States

🚩 Some Restrictions on Size, Type and Carry Method

Self Defense Key Knife Keychains - Pastel Rainbow Colors

Knife keychains are generally legal in all US states depending on the length of blade, whether it's open or conceal carried, and the type of knife it is.

Some states have a length limit like in Colorado the knife blade must be less than 3.5 inches, while in Texas the knife blade must be less than 5.5 inches long. Some states require citizens to only open carry certain types of legal knives and conceal carrying them will result in fines, penalties, or imprisonment.

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There are some types of knives like switchblades or gravity knives that are strictly prohibited in many states. However there are still several states like Wyoming which allow ownership of switchblades and gravity knives.

Simply put, you have to read the laws in your city and state carefully and should consult with a lawyer for the best advice on your particular environment.

Self Defense Cat Ears Keychains

✅ Legal in 12 States

✅ Legal with License in 17 States

🚩 Prohibited in 21 States

Self Defense Cat Ear Keychains Rainbow Multi-Colors

Cat ear keychains are a very unique safety keychain. In many states they would be classified under brass knuckles, even though they are much less powerful than brass knuckles. This means there are some states that prohibit cat ear keychains completely, other states that require a license to carry them (yes you would need a license to carry a cute kitty shaped face), and some states that permit ownership and carry with no restrictions.

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Cat ear keychains are legal in Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Cat ear keychains are legal with a license in 17 states including Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Cat ear keychains are illegal in 21 states including Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington.

Self Defense Keychain Legality Conclusion

America is home to the 2nd amendment which plainly states that citizens have a right to keep and bear arms. Oddly enough, firearms, which are high-powered lethal weapons are less regulated and more prevalent than cute cat ear keychains. However, in general, the United States has generous and lax laws when it comes to purchasing, owning, and carrying self defense keychains for personal safety.

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Great article. Ridiculous that America has no problem letting people own high powered assault rifles but I need a license to carry a car eat self defense keychain? Too bad I have one anyway and am definitely not getting a license. Something tells me a man made those laws because women understand the need for unassuming self defense tools. Im terrified of guns so I shouldn’t have a right to protect myself? Lmfao I hate this country and I love my sleek black cat ear keychain that could potentially save my life one day.


What license do you need to have for a cat ear keychain or to carry one?

Flora Seldon

Yes, asking same question.

Deborah Beyer

what license do you need for a cat ear keychain?

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