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Do-it-yourself kits are all the rage nowadays with many people exercising their creative demons and spending more time at home due to remote jobs, the COVID-19 pandemic, and winter weather.

Self defense keychains are a new trend in 2023 with many people realizing they have many benefits and few cons. Some of the best reasons to purchase or create a self defense keychain are:

  • Safety - keep yourself protected when you're out and about
  • Convenience - attach them to your house keys and always have a handy weapon
  • Fashion - many keychains come in various styles and colors to match your taste
  • Affordability - keychains are well-priced and make a great investment

Overall there are many advantages to equipping yourself with a safety keychain, and few negatives. Read our article on Self Defense Keychain Benefits if you want to learn more.

Without further ado, let's go over a few different ways to arm yourself with a self-defense keychain!

1. Self Defense Keychain Template or Mold

Cute Animal Ear Template Mold for DIY Home Creation

Creating your own self defense keychain has never been easier with easy-to-use molds that you can work with right from home.

Self defense keychain molds are basically hollow templates of different self defense keychains you can create from scratch. Simply add a hardening material such as silicone, epoxy, resin, clay or plaster to the mold and let it sit for the recommended amount of time which is normally overnight. Then you can remove the newly formed self defense keychain, add a keyring or chain, and voila you have yourself a homemade self defense keychain!

There are many benefits to casting your own self defense keychains. If you have a lot of family members and friends that you want to gift these to, using a mold will be a lot cheaper than purchasing them. Using a template is also a great option if you want to bulk produce and sell them to your own customers. Lastly, if you want to create a collection with different colors and patterns, templates allow for easy mass production.

2. Assemble Your Own Safety Keychain Set

Many retailers offer pre-made safety keychain sets, but you can also assemble your own set in just a few easy steps. Sometimes there are items on a pre-made keychain set that you just don't need or want. Other times, retailers may charge you a premium for selling you an already-assembled set. Here are a few easy steps to assembling your own safety keychain set:

A. Safety Keychain Set Base

Safety Keychain Bases with Different Patterns, Styles, Designs, and Colors

Find a base for your safety keychain set. This can be a keychain holder you already have or something you purchase separately. Many retailers offer different colors, patterns, and designs to fit what you're looking for!

B. Safety Keychains Pieces

Self Defense Keychain Bundle in Black with Pepper Spray, Alarm, Kubaton, and Whistle

Purchase or attach the safety keychains you need the most. Perhaps you only want pepper spray, an alarm, a key knife, and a whistle, and you do not need a kubaton, cat ears, or a flashlight. Simply choose the pieces you like and assemble them.

C. Keyrings and Connectors

Self Defense Keychain Connectors in Assorted Metals and Colors

After you've found your safety keychain base and the self defense tools you'd like to add, now you can assemble them together. You may need to purchase keyrings and connectors to put everything together.

3. Purchase Pre-Assembled Safety Keychain Sets

Purple Feathers Self-Defense Keychain Set

If you are able to find a great deal for pre-assembled safety keychain sets and the set contains all of the pieces you want, you might as well purchase it pre-made! At we do not charge you for the assembly of all of the pieces - we simply charge you for the cost of all of the pieces!

Click Here to Browse 35 Different Pre-Assembled Self Defense Keychain Sets!


There are many different ways to make a self defense keychain. You can literally use raw materials and form the keychain yourself choosing the material, color, and style. You can purchase the individual weapons and pieces and arrange them yourself. Or you can simply purchase an already make self defense keychain and modify it as necessary. They all have their pros and cons and require different amounts of money and time, but the goal for all of them remains the same - arm yourself and stay protected!

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