10 Discreet Places to Hold, Hide, or Store Your Self Defense Keychains

Every time you turn on the TV nowadays, there's another subway commuter being assaulted, a mass shooting in public, or a woman being attacked while hiking or jogging.

Carrying a self defense product when out in public has become a requirement when leaving the house. Your preferences and circumstances will dictate whether that self defense product is as less-lethal as a personal alarm or as deadly as a gun. The bottom line is arming yourself with some self defense weapon to increase your chances of surviving a dangerous situation.

When you purchase a self defense weapon, you are taking the first steps to increasing your safety and living with greater peace of mind.

But what good is a weapon if it's sitting at the bottom of your closet collecting dust?

Or if it's in your purse when you need it coming home from the gym?

Where you hold, hide, and store your self defense keychains can play a vital role in being able to retrieve it quickly to defend yourself.

In this article we will go over 10 discreet places to keep your self defence keychains hidden and ready to go.

1. Key Hook/Holder Near Front Door

Key Holder in Black

The front door to your home is a major vulnerable point in your home safety and defense. Fake delivery drivers, suspicious solicitors, or people claiming to need help due to vehicle problems will try to urge you to answer and open the door. If you do, they will either push their way in, or there will be several other people hiding that will rush the front door to rob or kidnap you.

Preventative Action: Hang a pointed kubaton defense stick on a key hook or holder next to the front door that's ready to be grabbed and used without needing any arming or unsheathing. An immediately-usable kubaton stick within arm's reach can be useful against fake delivery drivers, solicitors, home robbers and predators.

2. Gym Bag

Girl Opening Purple Gym Bag

Storing a self defense tool in your gym bag is not really about safety at the gym - although it definitely can be - it's more about your commute to and from the gym whether you exercise in the morning or evening, or have to walk from the parking lot to the gym facility. Predators like to target women who are exercising because they don't believe they will be armed due to having light fitness attire on, as well as being distracted by music, focused on their training, or tired from their workout.

Preventative Action: Slip one of our concealed small key knives into the pocket of your gym bag so you always have an extra line of defense if you need it.

3. Car Glove Compartment / Center Console

car Glove Compartment filled with maps and tools

Your car can be the home to many dangerous situations, from desolate parking lots to angry road rage drivers to stranded vehicle problems. Luckily, cars have several different storage areas and most safety products are not too big. While the trunk is a great place to store car tools, the glove compartment and center console are more convenient and practical for a dangerous situation that might require an immediate response.

Preventative Action: Store your choice of a self-defence weapon in the glove compartment or center console of your car so it's immediately accessible to use in a dangerous situation. We would recommend pepper spray, cat ears, or kubatons.

4. Attached to Dog's Leash

Woman Holding Green Dog Leash Handle

More than 65 million households own dogs in the United States and the one thing we all have in common is taking our dogs on walks! The problem is that dogs need to use the bathroom just like we do - at all hours of the day, which means you may be walking the streets at 10 pm or taking your dog to the park at 5 am, when these outdoor areas are desolate and dark.

Preventative Action: Attach one of our compact ready to use defensive keychains to your dog's leash handle like a non-lethal personal alarm or safely concealed key knife.

5. Bedside Table Drawer

Bed Side Table with Cell Phone and Makeup And Accessories

The phrase to sleep with one eye open isn't just a funny meme. While asleep, we are in our most vulnerable state and unaware of our surroundings and potential dangers. While we can arm the house alarm and lock our bedroom doors, perpetrators can still bypass those measures and break in.

Preventative Action: Hide an effective contact self defense weapon in your bedroom next to where you sleep so that you always have an extra line of defense when sleeping. If you don't have a bedside table drawer, any bookcase, shelf, or just next to your mattress will suffice.

6. Backpack

Girl Sitting Doing Homework with Backpack and Laptop

Students do a lot of commuting whether it is from home to school or in between classes on campus. Some classes are early in the morning while some end as late as 9 or 10 pm and make commuting home a precarious situation in the dark. Whether a student is walking to and from school, taking public transportation, or driving, they should always be prepared for a dangerous encounter and the best way to do that is to be armed.

Preventative Action: Keep a self defense tool in your backpack pocket and leave it there all the time so you don't need to worry about taking it out when home and putting it back in when you go to school.

7. Makeup Bag

Blue Makeup Bag with Makeup

Sometimes you have to outsmart a kidnapper or criminal rather than facing them directly head-on. While a kidnapper or criminal will be looking for obvious weapons that can be used against them like firearms, knives, and stun guns, they may not be privy to concealed or disguised weapons that are small enough to blend in with other makeup and accessories.

Preventative Action: Hide a small lightweight disguised weapon in your makeup bag that will not be detected and taken by a kidnapper. These include key knives, capsule knives, and lipstick disguised pepper sprays.

8. Key Holder / Hook by Garage Door

Old Green Garage Door

The garage is another vulnerable access point to the house, and many criminals will hide and wait for you to return home before ambushing you, as you enter the house through the garage door. When you drive into your garage in your car, you are insulated from your surroundings and unable to pick up on a criminal hiding and coming up from behind you.

Preventative Action: Hanging a self defense tool on your key holder or hook by the garage door will give you an immediately accessible weapon to use in a sudden emergency. Kubatons and cat ears don't require any arms or unsheathing and can be grabbed and used immediately.

9. Desk Drawer at Work

Desk Drawer with Man opening

Make sure to check your company's policies on self defense products, but having an extra layer of safety at work is never a bad thing. Perhaps you are working late and need to take the subway home at 11 pm or there are some shady individuals who work in your building that give you the ick. It's always best to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

Preventative Action: Hide and store an unassuming self-defense tool like a cute cat ears keychain in your desk drawer for emergencies. Any fashionable, less-intimidating defensive product will be well suited for a work environment.

10. Runner's Fanny Pack / Arm Pouch

Girl Running in Park

Cowardly predators target female runners because they expect them to be fatigued from working out, less armed in lightweight attire, and distracted while listening to music. Scenic running paths with less people are also popular amongst runners for their beauty and tranquility, which also unfortunately provides desolate environments for predators to prey on victims. Lastly, runners like running in the early morning hours or evening hours before or after work to avoid crowds which again creates vulnerable situations.

Preventative Action: Steel knuckles keychains can provide a dual-purpose both housing your keys and potentially being used to help fight off a predator.


In addition to these discreet and convenient places where you can hide or store a self-defense keychain, don't forget about the more obvious places that we didn't include - such as your pocket, belt loop, on your keys, in your purse, or even in your hand or around your finger while going for a jog.

Most safety keychains are small and lightweight to make it easy and convenient for women and men to carry with them regularly without being a burden. Don't take your safety for granted when you can give yourself an extra line of protection and greater peace of mind for the same price as a cup of coffee.

Buy some safety tools today, conveniently store them in the discreet areas above, and you won't have to think about them again until you're faced with a dangerous situation - and you'll be grateful you were prepared for it.

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