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Kubaton Handheld Stick Self Defense Keychain

Kubaton Handheld Stick Self Defense Keychain

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Grip this compact Kubaton keychain around the base and fight off an aggressor with the added power of this pointed self defense tool.

You will feel more empowered and safe knowing that your Kubaton keychain is at your side and ready to help protect you.

Kubatons are excellent self defense tools because they are easy to use and very effective. Young college students and older senior citizens alike can benefit from the Kubaton's compact frame and lightweight body.

Additionally, this Kubaton safety keychain is very chic and comes in various colors.

If you're walking home late at night, just knowing you have the Kubaton attached to your keys will give you greater peace of mind even if you never have to use it.


  • Sharp pointed tip can inflict damage and collect the DNA of a predator
  • Compact frame and lightweight body allows for easy carrying
  • Choose from 6 different modern colors to match your style
  • Durable metal to withstand your everyday
  • Perfect for college students, young adults, professionals, and mothers
  • Easy to use design with finger imprints


  • Kubaton Keychain Width: 2 cm
  • Kubaton Keychain Length: 14 cm
  • Kubaton Keychain Weight: 8 grams

How To Use

Attach the Kubaton self defense keychain to your house keys or bag loop. Retrieve the Kubaton and grip around the indented finger grooves if in an emergency. Use the Kubaton to deter and fight off an aggressor.

Care Instructions

All self defense keychains are both accessories and functional tools. They should be routinely cleaned using a cloth with an all-purpose cleaner. Never submerge keychains into water or any liquids, and always dry after cleaning.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to arm and protect women and men with practical, convenient, and affordable self defense keychains.

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