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Hello Kitty 120-dB Self Defense Keychain Alarm

Hello Kitty 120-dB Self Defense Keychain Alarm

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Scare off an attacker by triggering the loud blaring alarm on your hello kitty 120-dB self defense keychain alarm.

Arm yourself with this cute defence keychain that looks just like a stylish accessory but has the power to keep your protected.

Loud siren alarms are one of the best non-lethal ways to stay safe utilizing modern technology. There are three main ways that personal keychain alarms can keep you safe: 1) Sounding the alarm before the criminal attacks you may scare him off and deter an attack altogether. 2) Sounding the alarm if the criminal has already started attacking you may spook him and discourage him from continuing the attack. 3) Sounding the alarm may draw attention from close bystanders who can call law enforcement for help, or personally intervene themselves.


  • Durable and able to withstand your everyday wear and tear made of strong ABS plastic
  • Stylish cute Hello Kitty design
  • Perfect for kids and young adults
  • Conveniently attach this alarm to your keychain with its small and compact design
  • 1 step to sound the alarm by pulling the emergency cord


  • Hello Kitty Defense Alarm Width: 2.5 Inches
  • Hello Kitty Defense Alarm Height: 1.6 Inches
  • Hello Kitty Defense Alarm Depth: 0.7 Inches
  • Hello Kitty Defense Alarm Weight: 2 Ounces

How To Use

If you sense trouble, simply pull the emergency cord on the top of the alarm and the loud safety alert will sound. To turn off loud safety alert, simply push the emergency cord back into the top of the alarm.

Care Instructions

All self defense keychains are both accessories and functional tools. They should be routinely cleaned using a cloth with an all-purpose cleaner. Never submerge keychains into water or any liquids, and always dry after cleaning.

Trusted Payment

PayPal is the only payment provider we use at This gives our customers payment protection, and it gives us customer fraud protection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to arm and protect women and men with practical, convenient, and affordable self defense keychains.

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